Client Journeys

A little insight into clients experiences.

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I’m often in awe that what began so serendipitously as a thoughtful gift from my husband has blossomed into something so life changing. Working with Kim and Jillian has set me on a new approach to my reentry into the work world, but also to a new way of looking at my life, my family, and the world.

I am so proud of the work I have accomplished in my engagement with Blue Sky. With their support and coaching, I have set forth on a course I could never have imagined—something much bigger, more impactful and more meaningful than just reentering the workforce. I am honored to pursue this journey with them as valued advisors, trusted confidants, and treasured friends.

Elizabeth Sheeler — Cleveland, Ohio
Cathy Krebs — NYC, New York

Blue Sky Black Sheep has been a powerful influence on my ability to unearth my voice and utilize it to be more effective first and foremost at work but in all other areas of my life as well. I feel more grounded and secure in what I have to say and the worth of what I have to offer than I ever have before. It’s been a wonderful journey with BSBS, at times not easy, but always moving in a positive direction. I always come away from our conversations feeling buoyed and armed to move forward and take on my challenges. I’ll be forever grateful for the work we’ve done together.

Chelsea Sonksen - Blue Sky Black Sheep Website - Client Journeys

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that my work with Blue Sky Black Sheep has been nothing short of miraculous. Kim and Jillian have an uncanny ability to metal detect — by which I mean, help me sort through all the ideas percolating and find the one thing that lights up, the one thing that is expansive enough and grounds me in joy.

Working with them has entirely reoriented how I think about business, about my life’s work, about what I’m doing with my time on this planet. They reconnected me with my love for language. They gently point out the ways that I’m subconsciously holding myself back. They make the biggest kind of dreaming possible. Working with them and being in the space apart has been the greatest joy.

Chelsea Sonksen — Santa Monica, California