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In our work with individuals and groups, we’ve found that writing regularly in a loving space is a powerful practice. Somehow, the space itself transforms. We discover deeper truths and patterns emerging. We become more and more comfortable with the vulnerable feeling of not-knowing. We become more able to tolerate the discomfort of being out on the edge. The practice is not just for writers, although even experienced writers find that their voice becomes clearer, more honest. We suspect it has something to do with hearing yourself and others speak aloud in a new way. You discover what you didn’t know you knew until it shows up on the page. You begin to recognize your most authentic voice and that of others, and you begin to see how unique and valuable each voice is. When you hear yourself reading your own words out loud, something funny happens—they become real. Your words, your stories, your truths start to live outside you…

We began writing together, as our own discovery practice; then it naturally expanded to include our clients. Now we want to invite you to experience it with us.

Groups meet weekly and are ongoing, month to month.
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How this practice came to be:
Writing with others into this kind of sacred/creative space saved me. I was living in western Massachusetts during a particularly chaotic time in my life when I found Patricia Lee Lewis and her writing workshops. They had a profound impact. When I moved to Maine, I sorely missed Patricia’s groups and couldn’t find anything nearby that was similar.  So I did what you do when you can’t find the thing you want: you create it for yourself.  Over time that group writing practice evolved into this Blue Sky version, in which our focus is primarily on the meaning and the feeling of what surfaces on the page. But the space itself feels the same—compassionate, intimate, sacred, transformational. – Jillian