• Kim Agnew

    Kim Agnew spent thirty years working  with the world’s most innovative tastemakers: Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Terence Conran. There, she learned that the largest vision for a creative product is often the most successful one. Kim is the founder of Blue Sky Black Sheep.

  • Jillian Hanson

    Jillian Hanson is adept at navigating the inner journey. She knows how to find and follow the invisible, golden thread that runs through the narrative of people’s creative lives, where something hidden wants to be expressed. She has decades of experience in creative writing, theatre arts and communications and is a certified co-active coach.

  • Devin O’Neill

    Devin O’Neill began in public relations and branding, as a theorist on pop culture and creative development, and as an artist before founding The Armageddon Club, a storytelling collective. He realized that any productive creative act involves burning the rulebook, so now burning rulebooks is his job.

  • Alex Cohen

    Alex Cohen, a RISD alumnus, has crafted visual brands for everyone from biotech corporations to individual artists and creatives, and his work injects warmth and power into all of Blue Sky’s visual storytelling. His enthusiasm, joy, and passion breathe light and life into Blue Sky.


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